Simply the best ice cream in town

  • Our Monday Specials

    Milkshake Madness

    All Milkshakes

    $100 Off
  • Our Tuesday Specials

    2 scoops

    Any Flavor You Like

  • Our Wednesday Specials

    Waffle Bowl Special

    Customize your bowl any way you want.

  • Our Thursday Specials

    All Quartacular

    Any Flavor You Like

    $150 Off
  • Our Friday Specials

    All Sundae

    100 Flavors to choose from.

    $100 Off
  • Our Saturday Specials

    Banana Splits

    Customize Your Banana Split with Any Topping You Want.

    $100 Off
  • Our Sunday Specials

    Cookie Craze

    Home made cookies with Ice Cream. This is a must try!


About Grandma Puccis

Here at Grandma Puccis we enjoy serving our clients with our mouth watering flavors and enjoy greeting every one with a great big smile! See you soon!

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Be 100% sure, that we only use biological ingredients for our cakes

We use only the best quality!

Be 100% sure, that our Food is entirely made of best ingedients

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Car Show 12pm-4pm at Chino Spectrum 12:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Car Show 12pm-4pm at Chino Spectrum 12:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Unbelievable but true

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It all started with …

Grandma Pucci was born in 1907, she lived most of her life on a farm in Northeast Ohio. Growing up in the great depression, she was taught to use every resource available and to make the best out of what she had.

This was especially true when it came to cooking her homemade cakes and pies; which happened to be her specialty. Everything Grandma made was exceptional! She always paid attention to detail and used only the highest quality ingredients.

Today Grandma Pucci’s Homemade Ice Cream has instilled the same philosophy into our products, keeping in line with Grandma’s tradition. Our goal is simple, once you taste it you’ll be a customer for life!

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